Q: How do I find printables that are available to purchase?

Simply click the Shop button on the menu above and peruse the available content.

Q: Do you sell exclusive only content?

Yes! Everything sold on the We Love Printables website is sold exclusively to one buyer. We do not offer semi-exclusive printables.

Q: Can I get a custom printable made?

Yes! Simply send us a message via the Contact Us button on the menu. Share what your request is with specific information about what you are thinking of and we will match you with the best printable designer to meet your needs.

Q: How does payment work?

Each content creator at We Love Printables works as an independent contractor. That means for each printable or custom work that you purchase you pay each of the designers directly. Don’t worry! Our checkout system does the magic for you. You’ll receive an invoice for each product you purchase for your tax records.

Q: What happens if I find grammar, spelling, or other mistakes in a printable pack that I’ve purchased?

While we strive to provide excellent service, we are human and from time to time a mistake may be made. We are happy to fix and update your files for you. Simply send us a message and let us know and we will get your files updated as soon as possible.

Q: Can I get a refund on a product I purchased that no longer meets my needs?

No. Given the nature of digital downloadable products and our exclusivity regarding the sale of printables, we cannot refund you for the product. If a mistake has been made within the product we will correct such things. But, we cannot issue a refund.

Q: Where do you get your clip art, graphics, and fonts used in the printables.

We get them from a variety of places. And, in truth, we keep this trade secret close to our hearts.

Q: What about copyright for clip art and fonts?

That’s a great question and one you should be concerned about. As a content provider, you want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the copyrights regarding everything you publish. The We Love Printables team is also concerned about copyright usage.

We each make purchases of clip art and fonts from a variety of sources. We each are responsible for our services, and part of that service is to ensure that we read each clip art and font designer’s Terms of Use (TOU). We seek out clip art that has commercial copyright.

The original graphic designer of each clip and font is the copyright holder of their work. They retain the right to state how their designs may or may not be used. We do the research to ensure we are copyright compliant on each of the products we sell.

  • We ensure that each clip art that we utilize has commercial usage allowed.
  • When attribution is necessary we credit the graphic designer within the file. As a buyer of our printables, you must not remove the graphics credit page from the files you purchase.
  • If the designer requires attribution on your site we share the details of that with the one who purchased product.
  • If the designer requires the website owner to hold a license on the clip art, we will share with the purchaser the necessary details about where to purchase the clip art and license.

Q: Why are your printables secured?

Most graphic designers require that we secure files that utilize their clipart and graphics.

Q: How can I add my URL or copyright information to the pages?

That’s a great question! We want to ensure you can manage your printable packet in the best way you can for your needs. When we secure the printable we do so in a way that should allow for the insertion or deletion of pages whenever possible. So you should be able to add your copyright page and cover to your pack.

To add copyright, URL, or other information to the footer of each page we recommend using this website to add the needed information to your pages.

If you have any additional needs or questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help you to resolve any difficulty you may have regarding your printable.

Q: Do you offer photography services for printables I already have in my shop?

Absolutely! Amy Stults specializes in offering this service for bloggers. You can check out her photography portfolio, then send her a message via our Contact Us button.

Q: Do you offer other content creation services.

Of course! With nearly 20+ years of combined blogging experience, we know how to #doallthethings! While our specialty is #printables. We can provide you with original blog posts, round-ups, social media graphics, and pins. We also work with other content creators and can help match you to the right assistant for the job you need.

We Love Printables Facebook Sales Group

In addition to what Amy and Renée offer here at We Love Printables, we also host an exclusive for buyers Facebook group. In the group, we allow additional content creators, who each function as independent contractors, to sell their products and services. On occasion, we will work closely with those contractors to provide extended services to our clientele.

Q: Do the creators in the group only sell printables?

No, the We Love Printables team members provide a variety of virtual assistant services. Feel free to reach out to our group via our Page Messenger to ask for specifics.

Q: How does payment work for products purchased in your group?

Each independent content creator is responsible for their own invoicing and management of the products and services that they sell. You may contact them via their Facebook profile with questions or concerns.

Q: What happens if my product purchased in the group is not delivered.

First, the We Love Printables team hopes that such a problem never arises. However, if it does, know that your purchase is made between yourself and the seller, the admins of We Love Printables do not negotiate any sales other than their own listings.

Admins are NOT responsible for failure to fulfill sales requests and purchases within the group.

Second, check the original listing to see what the seller stated as the time period for delivery. If they’ve exceeded that time period and your product hasn’t been delivered, follow these steps.

  1. Check your SPAM folder.
  2. Reach out to the seller to determine if there is a problem with your payment.
  3. If more than 72 hours have elapsed past the stated time period, you may contact us to let us know of the problem. We will try to contact the seller to determine what the problem might be.
  4. We will first request that the seller resolve the problem as quickly as possible, or we will suggest issuing a refund to the buyer.
  5. If all efforts to resolve the issue have been exhausted the admins of We Love Printables reserves the right to remove any seller from the group.
  6. You should contact your payment center, such as PayPal, to report a problem and request a refund.

(However, the We Love Printables team truly hopes that we never have an issue that would lead to this result.)

For additional questions regarding our Facebook Sales Group please see the FAQ located in the files within the group.

Q: Can I sell in the group?

If you want to be considered as a seller in our We Love Printables sales group you will need to Contact Us. From time to time we recruit additional content creators. Please note you may be asked to provide a portfolio of your work along with testimonials from existing clients. You may not sell in the group unless and until you receive approval.

Our aim at We Love Printables is always to provide high value content, in a timely manner, with excellent customer service.